ACI Jet Celebrates Two Years at John Wayne Airport

April 2, 2019

ACI Jet announced the two-year anniversary of its John Wayne Airport/ Orange County (SNA) FBO location.

After the Orange County Board of Supervisors named ACI Jet one of two successful respondents to a 2016 RFQ process, the FBO successfully transitioned from the incumbent provider to an ACI Jet operation overnight -- literally. Prior to the commencement of operations at its then-new location, considerable planning was undertaken. New equipment was purchased, systems prepared, signage ordered and employees hired; all to be ready for that immediate switchover. “We were handed the keys to the building at midnight from the previous FBO and within 60 seconds it was all hands-on deck” says Andrew Robillard, Vice President, FBOs and Facilities for ACI Jet. Company executives, managers, technicians, customer service representatives - everyone at ACI Jet took a part in the transition.

As ACI Jet had inherited an FBO facility that showed signs of deferred maintenance, a rejuvenation of the FBO terminal was in order. ACI Jet immediately invested some $500,000 to renovate the FBO, making the facility more spacious, modern, and welcoming for customers. Just as important, changes such as the addition of a central fuel dispatch function and a new valet service were added to improve how the FBO functioned operationally, all with an eye to improve the service experience. As the year-over year-growth in fuel volume has demonstrated since ACI Jet arrived in Orange County, business and general aviation has returned to a place of prominence at John Wayne Airport.

In addition to revitalizing light general aviation through its competitive and transparent pricing policies, ACI Jet at John Wayne has already received notable awards and accolades in those first two years. Last year, ACI Jet John Wayne received the “No. 1 Outstanding Service Award” as the top-rated FBO in the nation – based on service - by the world’s largest private jet company. This was followed by becoming the first FBO in the nation to receive the inaugural Everest Fuel Preferred Award. And in January of this year, ACI Jet SNA earned its International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) Stage 1 certification from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

“Transitions of this nature are never easy. It requires tireless planning and a dedicated group of remarkable individuals, but the results are absolutely worth it” said Joe Daichendt, senior vice president, FBOs at ACI Jet. “I cannot believe what we have accomplished in two short years. Our team, our customers, our friends are all excited to be a part of something special - and we are just getting started.”