American Aero FTW Becomes World’s First FBO to Earn IS-BAH Stage III Safety Registration

Oct. 17, 2018
Stage III verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into an FBO’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained.

FORT WORTH, Texas (October 16, 2018) – American Aero FTW, a fixed-base operator (FBO) serving flight crews and passengers at Meacham International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, today became the first FBO in the world to earn a new Stage III safety and ground handling certificate of registration from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). The announcement came at the start of the 2018 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

IBAC’s International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) registration is a global, voluntary code of best practices for business aviation ground handlers. It incorporates a safety management system (SMS) in all aspects of FBO operations and is aligned with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). In 2015, American Aero FTW was the first FBO in the Western Hemisphere to the earn IS-BAH Stage I registration. In 2017, the FBO was one of the first in the world to earn Stage II.

IS-BAH Stage I confirms that the SMS infrastructure is established and that safety management activities are appropriately targeted. Stage II ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed. Stage III verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into an FBO’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained.

“When I created American Aero FTW, I set forth to redefine the FBO experience for passengers and crews and deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint,” said American Aero FTW founder Robert M. Bass. “This milestone reflects that vision and demonstrates our commitment to deliver unparalleled safety and service.”

Launched in July 2014, IS-BAH was established to provide standardization to handlers and operators around the world as they work to meet the coming SMS requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). IS-BAH is a joint program between IBAC and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). It incorporates the NATA Safety 1st ground audit program.

“American Aero FTW continues to set the pace for the industry when it comes to safety management and risk mitigation,” said Terry Yeomans, IS-BAH program director. “By doing so, they demonstrate their leadership in creating a performance-based, risk-averse culture that is centered on excellence.”

To earn IS-BAH registration, an FBO must undergo a rigorous audit of its safety management systems, emergency procedures, organizational structure, administrative elements, security procedures, training protocols, and operating procedures. Certificates of registration are issued to FBOs that successfully demonstrate conformity to the industry’s best practice standards through completion of a multi-stage external audit by an IBAC-accredited auditor.

“This latest accomplishment is all about understanding customer needs and expanding the safety envelope to ground handling operations through the vision and commitment of our leadership and team,” said Bob Agostino, American Aero FTW vice president and a nationally renowned pilot and safety expert. “At American Aero FTW, passengers and flight crews experience the same level of service and excellence on the ground as they demand in the sky.”