Air BP Fuels Qantas’ Nonstop Perth to London Heathrow Route

March 26, 2018

On March 24, Air BP fuelled Qantas’ first non-stop flight between Perth airport and London Heathrow, with jet fuel produced at BP’s Kwinana refinery just 52 kilometres south of the airport.   Air BP has played a critical role in supporting Qantas and the Perth airport authority to prepare for the new direct flight known as ‘the kangaroo route’.

Wayne Harries, Air BP’s Perth Airport Manager, commented: “As operators of the fuel facility at Perth, Air BP also provides design and project management for the underground hydrant piping system. We worked with Qantas and the airport to meet all requirements and refuel in the most efficient way possible.”

“These flights are great for our business,” Harries continued. “We have been innovating and leading the aviation industry for over 90 years, working with our customers to create value together. Qantas are our number one customer in Perth and we’re as proud of that relationship, as we are to be part of this ground-breaking new non-stop route to the UK.”

BP is committed to supporting the transition to a lower carbon economy, and as part of that not only provides customers with the highest quality fuels, but also looks for ways to reduce its own carbon emissions. Air BP recently achieved carbon neutral certification for the refuelling services of its 70-strong Australian fuelling operations, in line with the Australian National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).