A Million Dollar View and Priceless Customer Service at KCAC Aviation

Dec. 4, 2017

There’s something about watching planes taking off and landing that fascinates children and adults alike. Many individuals share a similar childhood memory, with trips to the local airport with mom, dad, grandpa or grandma for a free aerial show. Working in the aviation industry rarely diminishes this love. In fact, those in the biz typically appreciate the intricacies associated with aircraft making that perfect landing or ideal takeoff. Servicing Johnson County Executive Airport (KOJC), Phillips 66 Aviation branded KCAC Aviation provides the perfect front-row seat to the runway, with a spacious, open-concept lobby, comfortable leather seating and a wall of windows that faces all of the action.

“We’re constantly making upgrades to our facility,” said Tony Mateer, Director of Operations at KCAC Aviation. “Our lobby is cheery and open, and in addition to our line service personnel who greet our customers immediately upon arrival, we have a receptionist waiting inside to greet guests and take care of all of their needs.”
Servicing the Economic Engine of the Area

Since opening its doors in 1966, KCAC has proudly served customers sharing a passion for all things aviation. They refer to themselves as a partner in business aviation, with customer relationships that go far beyond their maintenance, avionics, Pilatus and Piper sales, charter and other service offerings.

“Our 65 employees all provide the highest level of professionalism and expertise that our customers have come to love and rely on,” said Mateer. “Our people are really the cornerstone of our success. In this business, your people are the only thing that you have to sell that differentiates you from your competitors. Everyone has fuel and bathrooms, but it’s how you treat your customers that truly makes the difference.”

Located just outside of Kansas City, KOJC is the closest airport to many local businesses and attractions with the added perk of avoiding the traffic of downtown Kansas City. Customers can land and get on the road quickly to get to their final destination.

“We are a branded Phillips 66 Aviation FBO because Phillips 66 is the biggest and the best in the industry,” said Mateer. “When times get tough in the fueling business you need a strong fuel supplier. With Phillips 66 we know that we’ll always have fuel and it will be priced appropriately. We also take advantage of their programs, including the NATA Safety 1st Online Training. We also have a great relationship with our sales representative that is the icing on the cake.”