Bendheim’s Chicken Wire Glass Breathes New Life into Historic NYC Landmark

May 10, 2017
Thanks to their complete restoration, featuring Bendheim’s VintageWire™ glass, they now sparkle with just as much “golden age of aviation” glamour as they did in their heyday.
NEW YORK, NY/May 9, 2017 Tucked into Jamaica Bay, on the southeast side of Brooklyn, lies New York City’s original municipal airport, Floyd Bennett Field – built in 1931. Recently, two historic hangars at the airfield were painstakingly restored by a new tenant. Thanks to their complete restoration, featuring Bendheim’s VintageWire™ glass, they now sparkle with just as much “golden age of aviation” glamour as they did in their heyday.The main objective for Bendheim at Floyd Bennett Field was matching the antique chicken-wire glass panes found on the facade. Bendheim was able to develop a safety-laminated, patterned glass containing true chicken wire for the project. The glass meets the aesthetic requirements of the historic restoration, as well as modern building safety codes.Chicken wire glass has design applications far beyond restoration projects. Used in doors, partitions, and cabinets, it adds a refined vintage appeal to a range of contemporary styles: from retro-industrial steampunk to romantic farm and cottage décors. The laminated glass is also safety – kid and pet-friendly – offering added security and peace of mind.Femenella & Associates, the window restoration team for Floyd Bennett Field, had only the best to say about working with Bendheim: “Our relationship with Bendheim spans generations. We share a passion for glass,” said Art Femenella, President of Femenella & Associates. “Bendheim was our first choice for this restoration because of the company’s exceptional capabilities and access to rare glass designs. We are very pleased with the way this project turned out.”Today’s visitors to Floyd Bennett Field can enjoy the quiet serenity of its wide-open seascapes. The restoration offers a visual immersion into the early 20thcentury. It is a reminder of the aviation history made here, including headline-making flights by Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes, and Wiley Post. The two restored hangars, featuring Bendheim’s chicken wire glass, also house a natural gas delivery connection, serving the energy needs of approximately 1.8 million present-day New Yorkers.Bendheim offers homeowners and remodelers more than 150 decorative glass varieties online, including chicken wire glass, for a range of applications. To learn more about Bendheim, please visit Bendheim:Bendheim is one of the foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers more than 2,000 architectural glass types in stock and unlimited custom design solutions. Bendheim develops, imports, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in Tribeca, New York City. For additional information, please visit