Jet Aviation Geneva Opens Refurbished and Expanded FBO

May 10, 2013
Jet Aviation Geneva recently completed the refurbishment of its FBO.

Geneva / Switzerland, May 02, 2013 – Jet Aviation Geneva recently completed the refurbishment of its FBO. The new facility is already welcoming customers and will be publicly unveiled at an opening celebration at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) next month. 

As part of the global refurbishment program announced last year, Jet Aviation Geneva is the first company facility to be transformed with a fresh new corporate look and feel. Initiated with the intent to offer more customer enhancements while introducing a Jet Aviation brand design at the company’s major FBO and MRO facilities worldwide, the newly refurbished Geneva FBO is nearly twice the size of the original, adding 313 sq m for a luxurious total of 648 sq m.

The main floor of the FBO now offers a spacious and inviting new reception area and three new elegantly appointed customer lounges. A stairway was also built to extend the facility to a second floor, which includes a meeting room for clients as well as a large crew area featuring a lounge, a meeting room, a crew resting area and an operations center.

“We are delighted to welcome customers to our newly refurbished FBO,” says Bernard Ratsira, director of the FBO at Jet Aviation Geneva. “We continuously strive to deliver a premium customer experience at Jet Aviation and the new corporate design and FBO expansion combine maximum style with comfort to meet our discerning clients’ expectations.”

Jet Aviation will integrate the same design style throughout the company’s facilities, particularly in the lobby areas. Jet Aviation Zurich will be the next FBO to be refurbished, with construction currently underway.