Guvmint Pricing at Airports?

Oct. 31, 2018

The guvmint General Accountability Office (GAO) is now—in reaction to AOPA’s push—checking into alleged unfair pricing by FBOs for services/fuels for general aviation aircraft at airports that receive federal funding.


Seems to me that airports should be following this very closely.

I’m all in favor of lower prices, but, hey, how far will this go? Is it possible that the guvmint will end up setting prices for concessionaires at airports? The very idea makes me nervous.

Frankly, I’d almost rather see prices set by the greediest profiteers than by any guvmint. The free market does have its place.

Will the guvmint decide that I am paying too much for coffee, magazines, sandwiches, and aspirin at airports? Heaven forbid!

Will the guvmint disapprove of car parking rates at airports? Horrors!

Am I overreacting? Possibly.

OTOH, there is that old belief rising in my gut—give the guvmint an inch and they will—as we say down south—go hog wild! Remember, the guvmint set a tariff on sugar way back before WW II. Last I heard, it is still in force, and we are still paying way more than the world market for sugar.

Here’s hoping airport management will watch this like a hawk.