NBAA Reports On Lithium-Ion Batteries

June 27, 2018

NBAA’s report on lithium-ion batteries on airlines is enough to scare you to death. For the full report, go to…

There is evidently much discussion of how to mitigate the risk of these batteries. My suggestion is just to ban the damned batteries on airline flights.

“My gosh, Ralph,” people ask, “what would we do? How would we tell time, get messages or take texts and calls? Oh, woe is us!”

Why in the world didn’t we ban these things long ago? Why are we carrying around billions (read the report) of batteries that could be dangerous? If we had banned them years ago, the free market would have replaced them with safer batteries by now.

It’s not too late.

Even now we could declare that no lithium ion batteries would be allowed in flight after a selected future date. The free market would come up with new batteries faster than we could possibly imagine.

Besides—the free market goes to work all by itself with no funding, debate, or management by guvmint. I sincerely believe that the free market could solve the problem before the guvmint made its first report on the status of the status quo!

What are we waiting for? An airplane full of dead folks?