Better Get Ready!

Aug. 17, 2016

People who read this blog — both of them — often ask me, “What does this have to do with airports.” Well, if it’s part of aviation it almost certainly influences airports. But in this blog let’s consider two movements that will definitely impact airports: drones and supersonic aircraft.

As previously mentioned in this blog, drones — also known as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) — are growing like California wildfire in most parts of the world. They are working like the versatile tools they are — or can be when/if our guvmint ever quits holding them back.

I have read that most drones are built in the USA, so we are profiting.

The time will come when your airport will be used frequently and regularly by drones. They will require different handling, different facilities, and different services. Rules will be passed. Back when SSTs first appeared I was furious that our country declined to participate. I was wrong. The SST just wasn’t ready. SST airliners never made a profit, even with their humongous guvmint subsidies. Today, they no longer exist.

SSTs are arousing interest again. NASA is working on sound barrier noise. Others are predicting that SS business aircraft will be available soon (of course they’ve been saying that for years, now).

SSTs may come to your airport only after locals have groaned, moaned, and otherwise voiced their fear of noise, crashes, and other hazards. If it goes as predicted by some, corporate SSTs may come before SST airlines. That will be easier for most airports, because at first it will be a few aircraft and the public will adjust and adapt.

As the old song said, “Better get ready.”