2018 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Christopher A. Salley, MBAA

Oct. 1, 2018

Christopher A. Salley, MBAA
Sales and Marketing Manager
National Jets 
Age: 31

  • Alma Mater: Jacksonville University (Undergraduate), Embry-Riddle (Graduate)

  • Favorite Aircraft: SR-71 Blackbird
  • Favorite Book: Enders Game
  • Favorite TV Show: Castle
  • Favorite Movie: The Fifth Element
  • Favorite Hobbies: My saltwater reef aquarium, cooking, dog park with my wife and Corgi

Christopher Salley comes from a family steeped in aviation. Having one uncle working as an aerospace engineer, another serving as an Air Force Raven and a grandfather with a V-tail Bonanza, which he would fly in, aviation was all around him.

“It allows me the opportunity to work with young people, whether it be junior associates or students coming to visit to see airport operations firsthand,” he said. “Being that mentor for young people is something I like to do because really aviation is all about the people and finding the people you want to work with.”

Salley is the sales and marketing manager for National Jets. His duties include selling not just FBO services, but also MRO and charter. He has helped increase National Jets’ market share on the field along with MRO and parts sales. The FBO has exceeded 100 percent office and hangar rental utilization due to Salley’s efforts.

"As an aviation enthusiast to the core, I enjoy being able to walk out onto our FBO’s apron or hangar during the day, being surrounded by aircraft operations," Salley said. "Routinely working with corporate aircraft, passenger & cargo airlines during the recent hurricane and even NASA during the summer have allowed me to be part of unique operations that I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of."

"Our industry has a knack for guiding you to a place where you are needed the most and it's usually not where you expected to be," he said. "Through attending trade shows and receiving support from my fraternity I was able to land my first opportunities – always focusing on getting to know fascinating people and seeing how I can work with them or learn from them."

He also has helped National Jets transition their FBO software, launched a new company website, managed its charitable outreach and many other things in between.

In addition to his job, he also volunteers for the South Florida Business Aviation Association and has become their board vice president.

He previously was the regional sales manager for more than five years with Avinode.