2012 Top 40: Ryan Keough

Aug. 21, 2012

Ryan Keough

Associate Director of Marketing & Communications

Cutter Aviation

Date of Birth: 4-24-78

Years in Aviation: 14

Like many who work in the aviation industry, Ryan Keough loved aviation from an early age and knew that it would develop into his lifelong career. Active in aviation for more than twenty-four years, Ryan has been a professional for 13 of those years. 

Growing up in Western New York State and spending most of his extra time as an “airport kid” helping out at the local aviation museum, he was exposed to all facets of aviation, past, present, and future. Upon graduation, he attended Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management, General & Corporate Aviation focus as well as his Private Pilot Certificate.

Working his way through college, he was employed as a line service tech, FBO CSR, airline ramp agent, and even as a Part 135 scheduler/dispatcher to prepare for his career after college. From 2001 to 2006 he was the director of marketing and national tour coordinator for the Collings Foundation of Stow, MA in support of its annual 120-city nationwide “Wings of Freedom” WWII Aircraft Tour display. Prior to joining Cutter Aviation in 2008, he was associate director of marketing, aviation programs at Daniel Webster College.

Keough is a strong believer in the power of growth through collaboration. He is a promoter of partnership development, insight gathering, and advocacy through intelligent and informed adoption of the social media channel technology. He has experienced the “powered by passion” aspect of the aviation industry in his work with enthusiastic peers and dedicated customers and advocates at all levels. He strongly believes that engaging these peers and advocates, promoting their passion, and collaborating with them through the communication advancements found in social media will help to transcend the stale, one-way marketing messaging of the past and evolve it into a “conversational” marketing environment, akin to “digital word-of-mouth” marketing between providers and customers. An environment where every voice is valuable, and  every opinion is an opportunity.