Accuris and CTG Partner to Revolutionize Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain Management

May 29, 2024
CTG's parts, materials and obsolescence solutions are now integrated into Accuris’ Haystack Gold platform, enhancing procurement efficiency.

Accuris, a leader in optimizing engineering, supply chain and logistics workflows, and CTG, a renowned government and commercial aviation industry supplier, have announced a new partnership that will integrate CTG's comprehensive inventory into Accuris' Haystack Gold logistics and supply chain management platform. This collaboration will expand Haystack Gold's sourcing capabilities beyond government and military parts to include dual-use and commercial components from CTG's extensive inventory.

CTG, a Division of Blue Raven Solutions, is a leading supplier to many of the world's largest commercial and defense aircraft OEMs, MROs, and distributors, as well as government and defense agencies. The integration of Haystack Gold will address customers' supply chain challenges and offer an expanded array of sourcing options, shortening workflows and cycle times to locate elusive parts. The integration will help streamline procurement processes by providing customers with a single portal to identify, locate, and procure items efficiently with advanced searching, indexing, and cross-referencing.

Haystack Gold is a logistics and supply chain management solution. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and the most extensive collection of government and commercial data, the platform seamlessly integrates trusted content into customers' workflows.

"This collaboration between Accuris and CTG is more than an inventory expansion – it's a strategic partnership that alleviates common supply chain challenges faced by engineers and businesses alike," said Duane Newman, Chief Product Officer at Accuris. "CTG has an exceptional range of parts and components that are now available through a platform known for its reliability and innovation. It's a win-win for Haystack Gold users and the broader defense and aerospace community."

"Joining forces with Accuris reflects our continuous commitment and dedication to solving supply chain challenges and increasing readiness," said Mike Boyd, CTG's Divisional President. "By introducing Haystack Gold's extensive user network to CTG's expansive and trusted inventory of reliable, hard-to-find and obsolete parts, we offer a significant resolution to obsolescence and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) challenges. This collaboration is a force multiplier, substantially improving accessibility to mission-critical parts and increasing operational readiness."

The partnership will also provide CTG with heightened visibility and access to Haystack Gold's diverse customer base while enabling Haystack Gold to enhance its product offering with CTG's complementary parts catalog. This integration will also include collaborative marketing efforts, with Haystack Gold being the first platform to incorporate CTG branding and logos directly into the user experience.

CTG's extensive inventory can be cross searched in Haystack Gold along with millions of items in the U.S., UK, and Canadian Federal Supply Catalogs, as well as data from over 70 U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and related government and commercial data sources.