Unical Engines Introduces a Serviceable Engine Program

May 7, 2024

Unical Engines, the engines business line of Unical Aviation Inc., has launched a new Serviceable Engine Program. This program is a natural extension of Unical's existing USM (Used Serviceable Material) Engines business. The primary goal of the new Serviceable Engine Program is to enhance Unical's existing engine offerings by including serviceable engines available for outright purchase or as part of engine exchanges. By doing so, Unical engines aims to provide customers with predictable costs and greater flexibility. 

Key Benefits for Customers: 

  • Predictable Costs: Customers can plan their budgets more effectively. 
  • Flexible Engine Options: Customers can choose between outright purchase or exchange. 

Supported Engine Types: 

  • The program is designed to support the CFM56-5B/7B, V2500-A5 and CF6-80C2 engine platforms.