Satair Gears up for Growth in Chinese Used Parts Market

Nov. 2, 2023

Satair has established a legal entity, Satair (Chengdu) Co., Ltd, in China. 

The creation of the new legal entity supports Satair’s commercial strategy of ramping up Used Serviceable Material (USM) growth and localizing services to support the substantial growth expected in both the Chinese and global commercial aviation USM markets, +40% worldwide through 2027. Collocated with the Airbus Lifecycle Services joint venture offering aircraft parking, maintenance and dismantling, Satair Chengdu will play a vital role in the operations of the Airbus Lifecycle Services centre in China, monetizing end of life assets through the sale of USM worldwide.

Richard Stoddart, CEO, Satair, commented “The world is calling on us to establish innovative methods for end of life management, to refurbish and repurpose materials that are already available - and so are our customers. With this Aircraft Lifecycle Services centre, we are acting, setting up our organisation to support the demands of a rapidly growing market while minimizing environmental impacts."