NIMS Selects Ansys’ Materials Solution to Advance More Sustainable Next-Gen Jet Engines

June 15, 2023

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, is using Ansys'  materials data management software, Ansys Granta MI, to develop a database of sustainable materials for Japanese aircraft manufacturers. The database, a catalog of eco-friendly materials intelligence, will make it easier for Japanese engineers and designers to select cleaner, smarter resources when developing next-generation jet engines.

As climate concerns continue to increase globally, many leaders in the aviation industry have vowed to reach net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. To support this initiative, NIMS uses Ansys' materials solution to research heat-resistant materials that improve energy and thermal efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions. Using this data, NIMS will create a catalog in collaboration with the Gas Turbine Society of Japan to provide local aircraft manufacturers with a one-stop, domestic database for sustainable materials. The database will also reduce the time and cost of international compliance and clearance for new materials usage.

"With the ability to obtain and verify critical materials data using Ansys' solution, NIMS has started to develop a valuable database for Japanese manufacturers to integrate more sustainability components in local aircraft engine development," said Dr. Kyoko Kawagishi, group leader of the High Temperature Materials Group at NIMS. "This initiative is based on results obtained from a national project, 'Development of Materials for Aircraft Engines and Bases for Material Evaluation Systems,' commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). We will support the manufacturing of highly reliable, purely domestic engine components and strengthen our position in the international market for aircraft engine production."

The NIMS' database will be built upon insights from Granta MI, which also provides comprehensive and comparable data for more than 4,000 commercially available engineering materials. Materials data includes detailed information on metals, polymers, composites, and coatings as well as electromagnetic, medical, and aerospace materials.

"As the aviation industry accelerates toward net-zero, companies are exploring new solutions to meet sustainability goals," said Walt Hearn, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer excellence at Ansys. "With the support of Ansys' materials solution, NIMS is streamlining the process of materials selection for Japanese aircraft manufacturers, while facilitating access to smarter and cleaner materials. These positive strides bring us all closer to a more sustainable future."

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