Tamarack’s Sustainable Technology Attracts Interest

Feb. 23, 2022

Tamarack Aerospace Group Inc. announced the latest efforts to continue scaling its aircraft sustainability technology into larger markets. After joining the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation last summer, talks with U.S. congressional and military contacts have also recently intensified. The company’s growth has triggered the new StartEngine public investment campaign in response to interest by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investors who want to take advantage of an opportunity during this early stage of the company’s growth. The crowdfunding effort has already exceeded 100 new investors totaling over $250,000.

Nick Guida, founder and CEO of Tamarack, said, "We are delighted and optimistic about Tamarack’s future after the excitement bubbling around the business growth of our patented technology. The proven Active Winglet technology boasts up to a 33% increase in flight range, sustainability benefits, noise reduction and safety which is proven in the fleet of over 150 smaller aircraft operating with the technology today. Many people have invested as Tamarack has grown but now as we scale up our technology for large commercial and military airframes, that investment curiosity has skyrocketed. To make this possible, we have partnered with StartEngine to make a very limited number of shares available."