Rostec Makes Engine Demonstrator Components for SSJ-New

Feb. 22, 2022

United Engine Corporation of Rostec has manufactured three components for a demonstrator of the promising PD-8 engine designed for the "import substitution" version of the SSJ-New mid-range aircraft. The components have been manufactured within a tight schedule to drive the power plant units and ensure the operation of the aircraft systems, such as the cabin generator and the hydraulic pump for controlling the wing flaps.

The Salyut enterprise (part of the Rostec’s UEC) joined the cooperation on PD-8 in late 2020. By now, the enterprise has manufactured the accessory drive, accessory gearbox and bevel gear, which together make up the drive unit of the engine demonstrator.

“Our work on the components of the latest PD-8 engine uses the experiences gained when creating parts for senior members of the modern family of Russian civil aviation engines – PD-14 and PD-35. Still, certain tasks have had to be solved for the first time ever. Our strong expertise has made it possible to manufacture a drive unit for the demonstrator model in a very short time - a year and a half. This year we plan to assemble components for an experimental batch of PD-8 engines," an officer of Rostec aviation cluster says.

Tests of the PD-8 engine demonstrator including the above mentioned components are scheduled to begin this March.

Being intended for the import substituted passenger aircraft SSJ-New, the PD-8 two-spool turbofan engine employs the cutting-edge Russian materials and advanced processing, including additive manufacturing. A range of UEC enterprises is engaged in the process, widely using the expertise gained when working on the PD-14 engine.