Byron Products Adds Complete Tube Bending Assembly to Its Offerings, with Applications for Aerospace, Agriculture, and Hydraulic and Compressor Line Assembly

Jan. 21, 2021

Byron Products, a leader in thermal processing, has added tube-bending manufacturing to its list of offerings. Tube bending is the metal-forming process used to form pipes and tubing permanently. The unique, in-house process incorporates brazing and welded fittings for complete tube assemblies used in a number of industries, as well as for hydraulic and compressor line assembly.

Aircraft tube assembly is a specialty area for Byron, with flared fitting for aluminum, stainless, and copper tubing. The company is a registered FAA repair station - FAA#YB5R630Y, and holds several certifications and approvals, including Nadcap, and AS9100D.

Byron offers a large range of thermal processes, including heat-treating, brazing, welding, and thermal coatings. The company’s specialties include aerospace, defense, agriculture, medical, power generation, wind power, automotive industries, and other commercial applications.

“Our in-house tube-bending capabilities give our customers an opportunity for complete assembly from development to final assembly, and from prototypes to production,” said Rick Henry, Director of Sales for Byron Products. “We are a one-stop source for total tube assembly with our new, value-added processes taking place in our certified facility.”