Jet Linx Teams With JSSI Parts & Leasing for Procurement

June 29, 2020

Leading private jet management and jet card membership company Jet Linx is teaming up with JSSI Parts & Leasing, a division of Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), to support their aircraft parts procurement function.

Nebraska-based Jet Linx provides jet card membership, aircraft management services, and acquisition and sales support to more than 2,300 customers worldwide. The agreement will enable JSSI Parts & Leasing to provide extensive parts procurement, logistics, and billing support through its Supply Chain Solutions service, covering all Jet Linx private Base terminals and aircraft. JSSI Parts & Leasing’s dedicated procurement staff will manage the journey of every part request for the fleet of Jet Linx business jets, including logistics support and tracking services throughout the order process, daily parts update reports, shipment updates, and core return support. Invoices and purchase orders will be evaluated and coordinated with venders, and consumption analysis and forecasts will be provided to support advanced planning and accurate cost projections.

With 19 Bases and over 100 business aircraft in its fleet, the agreement will further enable Jet Linx to run its procurement division efficiently and effectively by leveraging JSSI’s scale and infrastructure, allowing internal resources to focus on building their business and developing services for customers.

“Outsourcing areas of our operations where possible to reliable partners such as JSSI Parts & Leasing enables us to utilize the existing resources we have to strengthen our business and dedicate more time to delivering the personalized service our customers expect,” said Ty Kronk, vice president of maintenance at Jet Linx. “JSSI Parts & Leasing has the required stock inventory needed to quickly source any parts our aircraft need, in addition to extensive pricing knowledge and buying power that drives down our costs and provides the best value for money.”

“Utilizing JSSI Parts & Leasing to outsource procurement eases pressure on internal teams,” said Jim Sellers, president, JSSI Parts & Leasing. “We look forward to working with the Jet Linx team to streamline the procurement and management of parts across their fleet. With our worldwide network of MRO parts providers and over 25,000 stock lines to draw from, we’ve got the scale and expertise to deliver.”

To learn more about JSSI Parts & Leasing services, visit or email [email protected].