McFarlane Announces FAA-PMA Approval on Vernier-Assist Throttles

June 22, 2020

McFarlane Aviation Products announces the approval of Vernier-Assist Throttles. 

McFarlane’s new assembly offers the best of traditional friction-type and vernier-type throttle controls. Operating on friction alone eliminates the need for threads, locking balls and pins. Simply turn the knob for fine adjustments, or push in or out for coarser movement. An adjustable friction lock secures the control in position, but is easily overridden in case of an emergency.

“Our Vernier-Assist throttles are safe, precise and dependable,” touts Engineering Manager, Austin Beine. “These throttles are completely jam-proof. Our design provides precise rotary adjustments with the quick response of a friction-type throttle control.”

Without the cumbersome release button or complicated locking thread that are subject to jamming, the McFarlane patented roller action uses only friction to drive the vernier action. The friction control provides smoothness, precision, and safety when operating the throttle. These controls are FAA-PMA approved for installation in most single engine aircraft, and come with complete documentation,including ICA.