Czech Airlines Technics Enters New Service Segment of Aircraft Consumables Sales

Sept. 11, 2018
The company has decided to take the step based on the demand from airlines, MROs and Brokers.

Prague, 11 September 2018

Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group which provides aircraft repair and maintenance services, has entered a new market segment of aircraft consumables sales. The company has decided to take the step based on the demand from airlines, MROs and Brokers. Thanks to the established network of suppliers, the amount of stored inventory and already established logistics support, the company will be able to respond to the demanding customer requirements connected with sales of a wide range of aircraft consumables in a flexible manner. The company already provides the service to Czech Airlines, Travel Services, Enter Air and, as of recent, to the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic.

“After careful market analysis and research, we have identified the consumables sales to be another interesting development area in line with the long-term growth strategy of Czech Airlines Technics’ business,” said Pavel Haleš, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Czech Airlines Technics.

Aircraft consumables and component sales will be the responsibility of a new team which will actively offer our stock to customers. The size of the inventory, to a value exceeding $15 million as stored in CSAT’s facility at Václav Havel Airport Prague, is an immense advantage over our competitors. Unlike in other industries, a sufficient amount of stored spare parts and aircraft components is crucial, primarily in situations where it is necessary to replace a component as quickly as possible so as to ensure the aircraft’s speedy return to operations.

“Despite the market in this segment being highly competitive, we believe that, thanks to the mentioned inventory, our years of experience and broad supplier network, including aircraft manufacturers, our product will prove appealing to customers,” Haleš added.

CSAT also considers the conclusion of an agreement regarding aircraft consumables sales with the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic a great success, preceded by a public tender under the Public Procurement Act. CSAT has won the four-year contract thanks to the established network of suppliers (over 900) and direct purchases from original aircraft component manufactures.