Adams Aviation Celebrates its 50th Anniversary at Aero Friedrichshafen

April 20, 2018
Adams Aviation held a reception for almost 100 luminaries from airframe and equipment manufacturers from Europe and North America last night as part of its 50th anniversary year celebrations.
Adams Aviation started in 1968 in the basement of a pub at 12 Beavor Lane in the Hammersmith area of London and has grown to become a well-known and well-respected company in the aviation world.
These days Adams Aviation boasts covering eight European languages; a turnover of nearly £30 million pounds ($43 million USD / €35 million Euro); shipping over 100 consignments every day, to more than 50 countries worldwide; list a quarter of million SKU's; stocks £4.25 million ($6 million USD / €5 million Euro) worth of parts, including everything from the nose cone to the tail, powerplant, avionics, airframe, pilots' supplies, from over 140 brands, covering hundreds of aircraft types; operate an EASA-145 approved ELT workshop; and also a headset and loom shop too.
During his speech at the event, Adams' CEO, Stephen Gosling, acknowledged its humble beginnings and said they were "standing on the shoulders of giants in Ross and Dick Adams, my father, Frank Gosling, and Steve Langston, as the leaders who got us here."
He continued "I am enormously proud in my colleagues, our team, the Adams family. Not just the frankly excellent colleagues here that face the customer and supplier every day but the half of Adams that you never see; the phenomenal hidden talent, behind the scenes, making it all go right. But the largest part of my pride comes in seeing who we work with; knowing that among our customers, our suppliers, our partners are the very brightest and the very best, and a great many of them are here with us today. We are not as clever as those of you who design aircraft or aerospace components. We just help the customer to find the very best way to get their aircraft in the air, where it should be; released to service."
As he raised a toast to those who have given Adams their trust in helping them achieve fifty successful years so far he concluded with "long may it continue!"
Many of the attendees were rewarded with a special anniversary accolade recognising the event.
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