Soloy Aviation Solutions and Tradewind Turbines Announces the Transfer of the Turbine Powered Beechcraft A36 (Textron Aviation) STC SA3523NM Ownership to Soloy Aviation Solutions

Soloy Aviation originally worked with Allison Gas Turbine Division to earn the original FAA STC for the turbine Bonanza conversion package in 1986.

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Olympia, WA - April 1, 2016 - Representatives of Soloy Aviation Solutions announced today that they have reached an agreement to purchase the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Tradewinds Turbine Bonanza conversion package.

“We are extremely excited to have been successful in reaching an agreement with Don Brooks, the current owner of the Tradewinds Turbine Bonanza STC,” stated James Cowan, CEO Soloy Aviation. “With its 450 shaft horsepower, 250-B17 series Rolls-Royce engine, the Tradewinds Turbine Bonanza has proven to be a wonderful airplane. Pilots who have been fortunate enough to fly it have fallen in love with its performance. It’s truly the ultimate Bonanza.”

“I’ve owned a Tradewinds Turbine Bonanza for 10 years and I can tell you it’s an amazingly efficient and fun airplane to fly,” Brooks said. “In fact, I liked the airplane so much I eventually purchased the STC. But with my relationship to Soloy, and knowing that the original development was accomplished by Soloy, I strongly felt this was the right time for the Tradewinds Bonanza and my fellow owners to have the ongoing technical service and support they deserve.

“Now, under Soloy’s stewardship I’m confident that current turbine Bonanza owners will not only get the high-level of technical support we need, but that Soloy’s engineering team will continue to make enhancements and improvements to these wonderful airplanes,” he said. “It’s a bittersweet day for me, but I’m very happy knowing that the Tradewinds Turbine Bonanza is going home.”

Dave Stauffer, COO Soloy Aviation Solutions, said that Soloy Aviation originally worked with Allison Gas Turbine Division to earn the original FAA STC for the turbine Bonanza conversion package in 1986.

“We are very happy that the turbine Bonanza STC is back where it started,” he said. “We want current and prospective owners to know that Soloy Aviation Solutions is ready to commit the engineering, manufacturing and technical support resources necessary to help it achieve its full potential.

“While we see a great future for the airplane, our initial priority is to initiate FAA PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) production of key replacement parts and begin updating the technical manuals. Our message to them is simple: You have a great airplane, now you’re going to get equally great support that the current Tradewinds turbine Bonanza owners need,” Stauffer said.

For the longer term, Stauffer said that once the spares backlog and technical support issues are on track, Soloy engineers are going to start an active upgrade program.

“We’re the world leader in Rolls-Royce M250 (Allison 250-B17) turbine engine conversions and we’ve learned a lot since we worked with Allison on the original Bonanza conversion back in 1985,” he said. “From an enhancement perspective it looks like our first priority will be a review of the cowling design and incorporation of a bleed air heated inlet system to replace the current and less reliable electrically heated inlet.”

About Soloy Aviation Solutions

Founded in 1969, Soloy Aviation Solutions is a Washington state based company specializing in fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft power and performance improvements, including turbine engine conversion/upgrade programs for the Beechcraft A36 & A36TC Bonanza, Cessna 206 and 207 aircraft and the Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350 helicopter.

In addition, the company currently has over 60 STCs and has converted 750 aircraft operating in 35 countries around the world. Soloy also provides contract engineering and aviation parts manufacturing services. For more information, visit:

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