Eastman Aviation Solutions Ready to Distribute 2016 Commercial Airline Fleet Guide

June 20, 2016
The complimentary comprehensive guide is ready to order.

Kingsport, TN, June 2016- Eastman Aviation Solutions remains committed to being a trusted partner and knowledge resource for the aviation industry and is pleased to announce availability of the 2016 Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines guide. This complimentary, comprehensive guide of the world's turbine-engine aviation fleets can be requested at www.EastmanAviationSolutions.com/TEF

Since its inception in 1970, the Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World's Airlines guide has been prized as a valuable reference tool for Eastman Aviation customers and our industry partners. This will be the third edition of this in-depth guide produced since the formation of Eastman Aviation Solutions.

The guide has extensive data collected from an annual survey of the world's airlines and features a thorough listing of 57,000 turbine-engine equipped aircraft flying today.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to continue the prestigious legacy and make the 2016 Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World's Airlines available. The data compiled in this guide has proven to be extremely valuable to our customers," said Sharon Dunn, global commercial director. "This is yet another example of Eastman putting customers first and providing the tools and products they need to operate more efficiently and make more informed decisions as they grow and expand."

The Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World's Airline guide has previously been used to pinpoint developing trends and progression within the airline industry through changes documented in the survey. Based upon heritage data, the guide pin-pointed the growing trend in numbers of aircraft transitioning from standard engine oils to cleaner, more efficient options like HPC oils based upon powerplant selection.

"It is important to all of us here at Eastman to continue to provide the same trusted products and expert support that helps underpin our heritage and build our future legacy as a trusted partner to airlines, OEMs and aviation professionals at a global level," added Dunn. "The guide is a well known and highly sought after resource for the aviation community and we are proud to be able to continue to support the industry by producing and distributing the guide on a yearly basis."