Pacific Propeller International, LLC Reaches Agreement With Dowty Propellers

April 13, 2020

Pacific Propeller International (PPI) announces an agreement with Dowty Propellers designating PPI as a Dowty factory authorized repair and overhaul facility. Specifically the agreement calls for PPI to provide repair and overhaul to Dowty metal propellers on three airframes: Casa 212, British Aerospace Jetstream 31, and Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner and Merlin.

Dowty has begun providing training, technical data, as well as equipment and support to assist in establishing the new repair and overhaul capability at PPI’s 64,000 square foot facility in Kent, Washington. Additionally, Dowty Propellers will provide ongoing engineering and technical assistance, as well as perform specialized repair processes to support PPI’s ongoing maintenance operations.

Pacific Propeller International has, for over 70 years, provided repair and overhaul services to metal propellers and their control systems on the world’s largest propeller aircraft; including the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Lockheed P-3 Orion, Lockheed L-188 Electra and the Convair 580.

PPI also has a long history of repair and overhaul for mid-sized business and airline commuter class turboprop aircraft with metal propeller blades.

PPI’s technical knowledge, expertise and reputation with medium to large metal-propeller turboprop aircraft is unmatched anywhere.

Tim Gellerson, the President of PPI’s Aerospace Group, is appreciative of the Dowty designation and repair authorization. “I thank Dowty Propellers for this opportunity. We look forward to a great partnership and maintaining the excellent customer service that both of our companies currently provide.”

“PPI’s repair and overhaul expertise ensures high-quality OEM-backed maintenance services to customers operating and maintaining Dowty Propellers’ metal propellers,” stated Henry Johnston, the Services Executive for Dowty Propellers. “This will enable Dowty Propellers’ own repair and overhaul facilities to focus their efforts and know-how on our composite blade propellers. PPI has been repairing metal blade propellers for decades.”

For further information, please contact PPI at 253-872-7767 or