Avant Aerospace Announces New Sales Programs

July 23, 2019

Avant Aerospace announces new sales programs for aircraft parts. These programs include:

• No Bill Backs on Core Units for parts on exchange from Avant inventory

• Two-Year Warranty on New, Overhauled, or Repaired parts from Avant inventory

• Free FedEx Priority Overnight domestic shipping

"We look forward to the continued growth and opportunities that these new programs bring to Avant,” said Pete McKernan, Senior Vice President Parts & Component Repair, Avant Aerospace. “Reaching this milestone will allow us to expand our market presence while strengthening our existing customer relationships," McKernan adds.

The new sales programs are in effect for sales orders dated July 15, 2019 and later. Visit www.avantaero.com or call 800-977-3147 (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX), 800-922-2421 (East Alton, IL), or 877-744-9383 (Grand Junction, CO) for Terms and Conditions.

Avant Aerospace is a wholly owned subsidiary of West Star Aviation Holdings, LLC. The company continues to operate under their unique brand while offering West Star Aviation customers their products and capabilities. For more information, visit www.weststaraviation.com or call 800-922-2421.