Superior Air Parts Announces the Return of its Popular XP-Engine Build School

April 2, 2013
XP-Engine Build School gives experimental aircraft and helicopter builders the opportunity to assemble their own XP-Engine at Superior’s state-of-the-art engine build facility.

Coppell, TX, April 01, 2013  — Glen Golden, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is again offering its popular XP-Engine Build School at its Coppell, Texas headquarters.

“When we started shipping complete XP-Engines again last year, it was our goal to offer our customers the enjoyable and educational option of coming here to Texas to assemble their own XP-Engines,” explained Golden. “Superior pioneered the ‘Build-It-Yourself’ engine build school for the XP-Engines in 2003 and we are very excited to again make the classes available to today’s XP-Engine customers.”

Golden said that while the three-day Engine Build Schools attract all kinds of builders, they all share the common desire of wanting to know what’s going on inside their engines.

“They’re spending countless hours building their airplane [or helicopter] and this is just the logical next-step for many of them,” he explained. “It’s extremely informative and educational at a number of levels. In the past we have even had XP-Engine owners attend who didn’t actually build their engines, they just wanted to observe one of our expert engine builders putting their engine together.”

Golden said that Superior’s XP-Build School programs are available for XP-320, XP-360 and XP-400 Engine owners.

For Build School pricing and available dates, please call Brent Henman at: 972.829.4635.  

About Superior Air Parts, Inc.

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