Jet Shades Now Offers Sun Protective Solutions for Commercial Pilots

June 25, 2020

Jet Shades, the exclusive manufacturer of removable cockpit windshield panels that protect pilots from heat, glare and ultraviolet rays while flying, has announced a new commercial pilot solution for Boeing 737 captains/first officers.

The commercial Jet Shades solution provides comfort in the cockpit, reduces glare on the instruments, and provides excellent visibility for spotting traffic. Made from premium optical-quality polycarbonate and treated with a special coating, Jet Shades protect the captain and first officer by:

  • Preventing 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancer
  • Eliminating 70% of sun glare for optimal instrument visibility
  • Blocking solar energy and infrared light to eliminate pilot fatigues and headaches

Jet Shades are “push-in-place” tinted windshield panels that do not require any tools or an STC. They can be installed and removed easily during flight in seconds, and are designed to stay in place even during turbulence. For easy transport on board, they are lightweight and fold into a case that connects directly to a crew bag.

“This Jet Shades solution is the first product designed specifically with commercial airline pilots in mind,” said Kevin Duggan, Founder of Jet Shades. “They’re an effective answer to the problems airline pilots face every day from the sun, providing safe, cool and comfortable flying experience. Plus, they’re easy to transport between flights for consistent protection.”

The commercial airline pilot solution comes in a complete set with panels for the windshield, rear window and side windows, or the individual panels can be purchased separately.

The Jet Shades commercial airline pilot solution starts at $399. For more information about Jet Shades, visit