MICHELIN PILOT Sizes Added to Aviation Portfolio

Oct. 24, 2019
Michelin North America, Inc., has added three additional sizes to the MICHELIN PILOT portfolio for the United States, Canada and Europe.

Michelin North America, Inc., has added three additional sizes to the MICHELIN PILOT,portfolio for the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Pilot is an ultra-high-performance bias tire for piston and turboprop aircraft, designed to provide extra-long tire life, exceptional tread life and all-weather protection. The new sizes include:

  • 6.50-8/8/160
  • 7.00-6/8/160
  • 8.50-10/10/160

The Michelin Pilot tire, crafted with highly durable rubber compounds, has up to 21 percent deeper skid depth. A natural contour carcass line reduces ply stresses. The tubeless tire design reduces the combined tire-wheel weight and helps eliminate the tire’s tendency to move around the wheel hub at touchdown. This tire can also be used with a tube, delivering the same enhanced performance to pilots who use tube-type rims.

“Our Pilot tires are providing a softer ride than our previous tires and have additional tread,” said Bruce Waldecker, owner of a Bonanza aircraft and member of the American Bonanza Society. “We have not had any issues with the mounting or balancing. They tracked straight and true for takeoffs and landings. They are fantastic.”

The Michelin Pilot has improved durability and resistance to foreign object damage. The tire incorporates the latest high-tech ozone-resistant compounds into the sidewall rubber. The natural contour-mold profile promotes casing equilibrium for improved footprint-pressure distribution in the contact patch. By significantly improving overall tire life, pilots may achieve more takeoffs and landings while purchasing fewer tires.  

The Michelin Pilot is designed with additional belt plies that strengthen the crown area. The tire’s exclusive manufacturing process creates built-in balance for smooth taxiing and even tire wear, helping to provide true-track taxi, takeoffs and landings for propeller-driven aircraft.

“Our customers requested additional sizes for this deep-tread solution so that they could achieve more landings in a lighter tire to improve fuel efficiency and increase range,” said Robert Sevener, global lead for Michelin general aviation. “The ultra-high-performance Pilot tire provides both in this aircraft sector.”