Tamarack Announces First Four Active Winglet Installations at Aiken South Carolina Transformation Center

April 8, 2021

Tamarack is pleased to announce that the first three Active Winglet installations at the Aiken, South Carolina Transformation Center have been completed and another CitationJet modification is scheduled in a few days. The newest CitationJet Active Winglet sales include a CJ and two CJ2s. The East Coast Transformation Center is just a few miles from Augusta, GA, where the Masters Golf Tournament is held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club. This year, the pre-tournament began on April 5, 2021.

“The end result looks great,” says Ted Goodspeed, the pilot of the newly modified CJ (N331GG), “Our entry level CJ now feels like something special, and we really feel a difference. Climbing to FL410 in 30 minutes at max gross weight is routine now. We enjoy ATC delays now - when level, we speed up very quickly, and when they finally give us the climb we zoom right up. The lower drag gives us more excess power.” 

Goodspeed described his experience with the Aiken East Coast Transformation Center as “enthusiastic and responsive.” The Center is associated with aviation veteran Mike Laver’s Carolina Turbine Support, which has brokered, serviced, and ferried aircraft worldwide for decades. Laver also has a long history as a vendor for the U.S. Air Force. Laver’s operations servicing and parking business jets during the Masters is down this year due to pandemic setbacks, but that has not affected Tamarack’s customer base interest in modifying their jets with Active Winglets to provide fuel savings of up to 33%, support sustainability, offer smoother and safer flights, and reduce noise pollution.

“We are excited to welcome four more jet owners to the Tamarack Aerospace family,” says Nick Guida, CEO of Tamarack Aerospace. “These new installations demonstrate our continued growth and the desire for safe and sustainable aviation technology.”

A seven- to ten-day transformation has been precedented by Tamarack business for years. The East Coast Transformation Center at Aiken provides accessible factory installation of Active Winglets to the eastern United States and South America. These services are already offered at the Tamarack West Coast Transformation Center in Sandpoint, Idaho, and the Tamarack European Transformation Centre in Oxford, England. Tamarack also offers Active Winglet service via more than twenty Authorized Service Centers across the US, South America, and Europe.

Tamarack has modified over one hundred Cessna CitationJets during the last five years. Both owners and operators alike are thrilled with Active Winglet technology. Unlike the outdated passive winglet offerings on other platforms, which only offer about 4% fuel savings, Active Winglets instantly and automatically adjust to turbulence, leveraging patented load alleviation and sustainability technology to reduce fuel usage up to 33%. In addition, the system provides smoother rides with safe landings on shorter runways, as Active Winglet modified aircraft reach altitude in under 30 minutes and land at slower speeds.