Wencor Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Kirkhill Inc.

March 14, 2019
Kirkhill Inc. has selected Wencor as their exclusive aftermarket distribution partner within Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Japan.

Peachtree City, March 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kirkhill Inc. has selected Wencor as their exclusive aftermarket distribution partner within Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Japan. Under the new agreement, Wencor will provide elastopolamer seals used throughout the aircraft including all doors, engines/nacelles and wings, as well as silicone stretch tape. “Wencor is committed to building outstanding relationships with our key business partners and we are excited to add Kirkhill to that portfolio. We share the same values of safety first, outstanding customer service, continuous improvement,  and respect on behalf of our collective customers,” said Chris Curtis, Chief Executive Officer of Wencor.

Kirkhill designs and produces innovative, reliable and custom engineered sealing products. Kevin McHenry, President of Kirkhill commented, “Kirkhill is excited to be entering into a partnership with Wencor for the distribution of our products.  Wencor’s strength in global distribution will enable our customers to have immediate access to products and enhanced customer service creating value throughout the supply chain. “

Wencor will provide increased availability and customer intimacy to both current and future Kirkhill clients as both companies collaborate to continue providing innovative solutions that deliver value and quality to the ever changing aerospace market.

 About Wencor

Wencor has been a trusted partner in aerospace for over 60 years, offering CMM and DER repairs, PMA and an extensive network of distribution solutions to help make flights safer and more cost effective. We support most of the commercial airlines, repair stations and OEMs worldwide through our corporate affiliates Wencor, Soundair Aviation Services, PHS/MWA Aviation Services, Aerospace Coatings International, Xtra Aerospace, Flight Line Products, Accessory Technologies Corporation, Fortner Engineering & Manufacturing, Silver Wings, and Kitco Defense. Wencor Group is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area with additional offices in Utah, Miami, Seattle, California, Alabama, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Istanbul. For more information, please visit www.wencorgroup.com.

 About Kirkhill

Founded in April 1919, Kirkhill has been in business for 100 Years. The company continues its specialty in the design of and manufacture of sealing solutions for the Commercial, Defense, & Space markets in highly demanding environmental conditions. Kirkhill produces high quality elastomer seals used throughout the aircraft and include applications for:

 All doors including passenger, cargo, wheel well, APU, etc.

  • Aircraft lift systems including flaps, slats, spoliers, etc.
  • Engine and nacelle seals, which are fireproof and fire-resistant
  • Cabin interior including windows and door trim
  • Wiring protection