Paradigm Precision Welcomes Two New Board Members

Nov. 25, 2014
It has added Dale Collins and Peter Malone to its Board of Directors.

Stuart, Florida – November 20, 2014 Paradigm Precision, a manufacturer of complex components for aerospace and gas turbine engines, has added Dale Collins and Peter Malone to its Board of Directors. Mr. Collins and Mr. Malone bring diverse and extensive experience to the Paradigm Precision Board.

“Now is the perfect time to bring fresh perspective to Paradigm’s Board,” said Greg Bennett, President and CEO of Paradigm Precision. “We are looking to Peter Malone, Dale Collins and the rest of our Board to direct the company toward future market trends and avenues for us to build on our 2013 and 2014 growth strategy.”

Between 1985 and 2013, Mr. Malone served as Senior Managing Director of CSP Associates, Inc. – a firm he co-founded.  CSP is a leading strategy advisory firm, specializing in the aerospace, defense and information technology sectors. In September 2013, Mr. Malone joined The Carlyle Group as an Operating Executive in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services Group.  In that capacity, he advises Carlyle on prospective transactions and overall business strategy development for the aerospace portfolio. He holds degrees from Harvard Law School (JD, 1983), The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Ph.D., 1983) and the University of Massachusetts (BA, 1976).

“Peter Malone has a wealth of experience in the aerospace, defense and government services industries,” said Mr. Bennett. “Paradigm Precision is looking forward to the strategic guidance he will bring to the company.”

Dale Collins is a former executive at medium and large aerospace companies. He has held a variety of roles ranging from operations to executive business leadership. He has served in these roles for entities ranging in size from $160M to over $1.3B in annual revenues. Dale has degrees in marketing from Youngstown State University and industrial management from the University of Cincinnati. He has additional educational credentials in six sigma, lean manufacturing, executive commercial planning and business law.

“Dale Collins has earned an international reputation as an accomplished business leader in the aerospace manufacturing market,” said Mr. Bennett. “Leveraging his 35 years of experience in the aerospace engines and airframes manufacturing marketplace, Paradigm Precision will continue to pursue growth in the aerospace market.”

About Paradigm Precision

Paradigm Precision is the market facing name for Dynamic Precision Group (DPG), a global leader in the manufacture of complex machined and fabricated assemblies for the Aerospace, Defense and Power Generation markets. DPG is a portfolio company of Carlyle Partners V, Carlyle U.S. Equity Opportunity Fund, Carlyle Strategic Partners II, AeroEquity Partners and other co-investors.  DPG acquired TurboCombuster Technology in 2011, which specializes in the production of critical aircraft engine components, Paradigm Precision Holdings in 2013, which specializes in the manufacture of complex, high-tolerance machined and fabricated components for gas turbine engines, and eight aerospace component fabrication and machining facilities from Unison Engine Components, a subsidiary of GE Aviation, in 2013.  DPG’s core capabilities include laser services, air flow measurement, thermal coatings, electrical discharge machining, precision machining, and TCT Blast™.