Fine Tubes Increases its Global Capabilities by Joining with Superior Tube

July 2, 2013
The two companies will share a new global association while maintaining their own names and specialities.

Fines Tubes ( one of the leading UK manufacturers of metal tubing for the aerospace, medical, chemical, nuclear, power and oil and gas sectors is now working in partnership with Superior Tube.

Superior Tube is a metal tubing manufacturer based in the US. The combination of the two Watermill Group owned companies has elevated them to even greater service possibilities and production levels while firmly maintaining the excellent standards by which they built their reputations. Through Superior Tube, Fine Tubes can now also serve the US market.

The two companies have many complementary services and were even founded around the same time, either side of the Atlantic. In their long histories, both have been front runners in developing new solutions for the aerospace, power and medical sectors.

Brian Mercer, Global Sales & Marketing Director, said, "Being able to realise the synergy between Fine Tubes and Superior Tube will bring exciting added value and supply chain security to our customers. The opportunities for this arise not only through the sharing of best practices together but also through the increased combined product offering the two companies will have and the ability to provide secure back-up to our customers where single source supply is not untypical."

Mr. Mercer continued, "Our customers will also benefit from the increased global service reach two organisations will have through working together - Fine Tubes presently supplies it products to over 35 countries; when this is combined with strong presence Superior Tube Company has in the US this will create a more effective global coverage.”

The two companies will share a new global association whilst maintaining their own names and specialities.

The addition of Superior Tubes’ capabilities has made Fine Tubes even more able to deliver new products in the entrepreneurial spirit they’re known for around the world. The move is also a clear reflection of the global demand for high specification metal tubing and with this project, Fine Tubes is set to be an even bigger part of that market.

Ronen Day, Managing Director of Fine Tubes, said, “We’re looking forward to investing in our business to build an even stronger product offering. Fine Tubes is an entrepreneurial company with exciting plans to make a step change to our competitive position and further strengthen our international presence.”