Wicks Aircraft Supply Announces: 4130 Shortage is Over

Aug. 27, 2012
4130 chrome-moly tubing is again available in quantity from Wicks Aircraft Supply.

4130 chrome-moly tubing, the traditional foundation of tube-and fabric aircraft, and a substantial component in landing gear, engine mounts, and roll structures, is again available in quantity from Wicks Aircraft Supply.

Strong and lightweight, with excellent and consistent malleability, weld-ability, and machinability, 4130 is the basis for classic and modern designs in both aviation and auto racing, where its prominence is long-earned and still affirmed today.

Wicks 4130 chrome moly tubing is seamless, rather than welded, and is sold by the foot, or by full lengths (usually 18-24 feet, depending on diameter). Special-order lengths (and DOM tubing) are also available. Wicks 4130 seamless tubing is smooth inside and out, and resists rust and scaling.

Huge selection:
Wicks has nearly 200 ways to supply 4130 – sheets, bars, strap, rod; and round, square, rectangular, and streamline tubing. Wicks also carries 4130 TIG filler and other welding supplies to help with fabrication and finishing.

Wicks’ central-USA location (in Highland Illinois, a few miles east of St. Louis) assures quick shipping to anywhere.

Special price on popular size:
To celebrate the renewed availability, Wicks is offering a special price on one of the most-popular sizes. Instead of the regular $3.79 per foot price on 1- 5/8” OD, .083” wall tubing, Wicks has a temporary price reduction to just $2.99 per foot.
The Wicks part number for this size special pricing is R1-5/8x083-41.

Visit www.wicksaircraft.com and search on “4130” for a complete array of materials and supplies.