J&C Aero Will Provide Camo Support for 30 Aircraft Operated by Heston Airlines

April 4, 2023

J&C Aero, an international aviation design and production company, has signed a three-year contract with Heston Airlines on continuous airworthiness management of the European charter air carrier’s current and upcoming Airbus A320s and A330s. The new agreement also covers line maintenance, aircraft delivery, and cabin refurbishment services for the carrier’s growing fleet.

The new agreement expands the existing cooperation between J&C Aero and Heston Airlines under which J&C Aero’s team already provides CAMO support to the carrier’s nine Airbus A320s, as well as supports the airline with Line Maintenance, cabin interior design and production services. Over the next three years, Heston Airlines plans to gradually increase its Airbus fleet to 30 narrow and widebody aircraft the delivery, refurbishment, and maintenance of which will be provided by or with the support of J&C Aero.

“We have been supporting Heston Airlines since even before their first flight. And while we helped them to launch and maintain their daily operations, they supported and keep supporting us with our own development, namely the introduction of CAMO and Line Maintenance services. In other words, our growth is interwind, we share one DNA,” comments Laurynas Skukauskas, the CEO at J&C Aero. “Now that Heston Airlines is preparing for fleet expansion, we are extremely happy to be the ones to support them on this major step in their development.”

“J&C Aero’s team has proven itself on multiple occasions: from pre-delivery support to line maintenance and complicated cabin reconfiguration. They are always ready to go the extra mile, their mindset is focused on finding optimal solutions, and their communication is straightforward and transparent – everything an airline can ask for during challenging projects, particularly those related to major fleet expansion,” shares Valentin Ivanov, VP Technical Operations at Heston Airlines.