Stevens Now Authorized to Install Prizm Cabin Lighting Systems in All Four Facilities

March 5, 2021

Stevens Aerospace announces that all four of the company’s MRO facilities have been designated as authorized installation centers for the highly regarded PRIZM LED Cabin Lighting systems. The solid-state technology is cost-effective, app-based and provides a cabin environment that creates stunning aesthetics and even impacts passengers’ state of mind.

PRIZM’s customizable full-color LED spectrum mood lighting can be controlled three ways: via a mobile app, by browsing directly to the system, or in conjunction with existing cabin lighting controls. The system offers upwash, downwash, lower accent, galley, lavatory and cupholder lighting.

According to Stevens Director of Sales and Marketing Phil Stearns, part of the value of PRIZM’S technology is in the longevity of the LED lighting. “Not only does the PRIZM Lighting system give owner-operators control of colors and zones at a very affordable price, the cost of ownership over the years will be considerably less because LED technology lasts 10 to 15 times longer than the more expensive fluorescent tubes.”

Stearns praised the system for its adaptability on older airframes as well as the newest business jets. “At Stevens, we’re excited about providing this type of amenity, previously only available on very high-end aircraft, to owner-operators of almost any turbine-powered aircraft. Having the ability to dramatically customize and enhance the flying experience makes a huge difference to the passengers, regardless of the age of the aircraft.”