Skandia Authorized to Provide Flammability Testing, Certification

Aug. 21, 2013
Airbus certification enables Skandia’s testing to greatly reduce the time it takes authorized Airbus Corporate Jet completion centers and independent MROs to obtain flammability testing approvals from the manufacturer.

Davis Junction, IL – Skandia, Inc. announced today that it has completed Airbus certification requirements and is now approved as an authorized provider of flammability testing and certification services for both the manufacturer, as well as independent Airbus authorized completion centers and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities.

“This is a significant accomplishment for everyone in the Skandia family,” stated Skandia Vice President, Jarod Triplett. “Airbus is a global leader in quality and safety and I cannot overstate the significance of this certification approval. They require the absolute best in flammability testing and documentation and to have our laboratory earn their certification speaks volumes for not only the quality of our services, but the professionalism of our people.”

“Earning this certification enables us to provide both authorized Airbus corporate jet completion centers and independent MRO’s with approved flammability testing and certification documentation that will be accepted by Airbus with no additional testing requirements,” he said. “This alone will save them a considerable amount of time on every completion or refurbishment project that requires flammability testing.”

Triplett added that after an extensive audit process, the Airbus certification for flammability testing and certification services includes an array of Skandia capabilities, which include:

• Determination of the resistance of materials to flame, glow propagation and flame penetration 

• Determination of the resistance of electrical wire insulation materials to flame

• Fire resistance of aircraft seat cushion utilizing a high-density open flame

• Determination of the resistance of non-metallic heat shrinkable tubing to flame

• Determination of flammability and flame propagation of thermal/acoustic insulation materials

“Another point of great pride is the fact that Skandia is now one of only a very few independent laboratories who have earned this level of certification from Airbus,” Triplett said. “It is an additional step in our ongoing efforts to make Skandia the most trusted provider of specialized testing and certification for the general, business and air transport aviation industries.”

About Skandia Incorporated

Skandia Incorporated is a global leader in aircraft cabin component testing, development, production and refurbishing. Along with providing a wide variety of seating foam products and cabin soundproofing materials, Skandia also supports their aircraft OEM, MRO and completion center, and airline customers, highly specialized interior component repair and refurbishing services. Skandia is one of the aviation industry’s most recognized and respected FAA and EASA approved Flammability Testing laboratories. Their staff includes FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs). Services include the full range of Flammability, Smoke, and Toxicity testing. For more information, visit