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Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

Tank, Welded Assembly OEM PN: 64761-093-001, PMA PN: ADV-TNK-06

LRU Multiple Rumbold-Sell-Zodiac Aerospace coffee maker, beverage makers and water boilers.PN'S 64753, 64753-001-003, 64753-001-005, 64755, 64763-1PMA PN: ADV-TNK-06 is a direct...
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Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

Coffee Maker Water Tank OEM PN: 428-0074-1, PMA PN: ADV-428-0074-1

LRU Multiple B/E Aerospace coffee maker, beverage makers and water boilersPMA PN: ADV-428-0074-1 is a direct replacement part for OEM PN: 428-0074-1.ATA Chapter 25.For more information...
Adv 507239 2p 327 V8zedkpmc Cuf
Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

Cartridge Heater OEM PN: 24D507239P02, PMA PN: ADV-507239

LRU 24E507009G02, 24E507009G03 Lavatory water Heater.PMA PN: ADV-507239 is a direct replacement part for OEM PN: 24D507239P02.ATA Chapter 38For more information please contact...

Skybolt Aeromotive Corp Receives AS9100D Certification With ISO 9001:2015

2018 will mark 36 years of manufacturing and distribution of quarter-turn panel fasteners and assembly systems.

Novaria Group Completes Purchase Of Space-Lok, Inc.

June 20, 2017
Space-Lok focuses on the design, development and manufacture of high-quality internally and externally threaded fasteners and component mechanisms for all sectors of the aerospace...