Jetaire Group Announces Agreement with KF Aerospace to Promote Aircraft Fuel Ignition Mitigation Solution

April 19, 2023
The KF Aerospace and Jetaire Group partnership unites two influential commercial aviation suppliers in North America.

Jetaire Group, known for their aircraft fuel tank ignition mitigation system, INVICTA, will promote the INVICTA product in Canada through a commercial agreement with KF Aerospace in Kelowna, British Columbia. The INVICTA product is the only patented solution designed to bring transport aircraft into compliance with airworthiness directives as issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and adopted by Transport Canada.

Jetaire Group recently received Transport Canada (TCCA) approval for the firm's supplemental type certificate (STC) on its B737NG INVICTA modification to aid in compliance by airlines and leasing companies for AD 2020-18-13. In addition to Jetaire's Boeing compliant solutions, the two organizations plan to also provide access to INVICTA for Airbus products that will bring A320 family aircraft into compliance with corresponding airworthiness directive AD 2019-24-01. 

"We are excited to establish a working relationship with Canada's leading MRO, KF Aerospace, to help us continue to accelerate the adoption of our industry-leading INVICTA solution for aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction," said Jetaire Group CEO, Michael Williams. "The Jetaire Group and KF Aerospace partnership will provide Canadian airlines and lessors with the most cost-effective modification that brings aircraft into compliance ahead of regulatory agencies' mandatory timelines," Williams added. 

KF Aerospace is Canada's largest commercial maintenance, repair, and overhaul group, operating facilities in Kelowna (YLW), Hamilton (YHM), Portage La Prairie (YPG), and Vancouver (YVR). Widely known for providing heavy maintenance, modification services, and line maintenance, KF Aerospace holds approval for maintenance performance on several Boeing and Airbus aircraft types that match the supplemental type certificates held by Jetaire Group.

"We have worked with Jetaire for many years and are happy to partner with them to promote the INVICTA product in Canada," said KF Aerospace Director of Business Development, Bryan Akerstream. "Jetaire has developed a cost-effective solution to comply with FAA and TCCA airworthiness directives and we look forward to supporting our customers with the installation of this STC."

INVICTA utilizes a proprietary Reticulated Polyurethane Foam (RPF) that reduces the incidence of explosions. The foam is a lightweight, self-extinguishing, three-dimensional skeletal matrix that suppresses fuel ignition caused by heated fuel vapor, tank rupture, lightning strike, static discharge, or outside factors.

To achieve fuel tank flammability compliance, aircraft must meet the requirements of mandating civil aviation authorities and other regulatory agencies. INVICTA provides a fault-free solution that meets mandatory compliance requirements and supports the safety of passengers, crew, and aircraft.