Alliance Airlines Focuses on Fuel Efficiency with Expanded Relationship with GE Digital Aviation Software

April 12, 2022
Fuel Insight works by understanding real data from the aircraft and airline which can be used to help cost and emissions reduction.

GE Digital announced that Alliance Airlines has chosen Fuel Insight to focus efforts on saving fuel burn with fast access to flight data. The airline is building on its existing installation of GE Digital’s Safety Insight solution and therefore will be able to unlock the value of the data they gather from a single software platform.

Alliance Airlines has a fleet of 58 Fokker and Embraer aircraft with an additional 17 aircraft scheduled to join the fleet in 2022, providing charter, fly-in-fly-out, and wet-lease services across Australia.

Fuel Insight works by understanding real data from the aircraft and airline which can be used to help cost and emissions reduction. It is designed to utilize GE Digital’s powerful aviation data and analytics platform to merge flight data with flight plans and uncover valuable insight to help increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste. Fuel Insight is designed to give operators actionable intelligence at multiple levels allowing analysts to drill down from macro trends to understand issues on a per-flight level.

“We chose GE Digital’s Fuel Insight solution to help increase our fuel efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon emissions,” said Stewart Tully, Chief Operating Officer for Alliance Airlines. “GE is a trusted partner with the tools and services to help us maximize our investment. The specialized skills of their team of experts and data scientists allow us to unlock the value of the data we already had and make significant impact on our business.”

Fuel Insight is designed to provide fuel saving dashboards that include real-time data for analysis. The team at Alliance Airlines is able to quickly identify trends and issues from data that they did not have access to before. It will also reduce the number of resources to actually do the analysis because of the automated dashboards and will speed the time to results.

“We are looking forward to expanding our long-term partnership with Alliance Airlines and working to ensure we harness the wealth of insights that come from flight data to lower the airline’s CO2 footprint while raising flight efficiency,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “Alliance is on a full climb and solutions like Fuel Insight and Safety Insight can help manage that growth and meet their business goals. We are proud to stand as Alliance Airlines’ wing mate.”