Aerox Showcases FAA TSO and PMA Approved Aviation Oxygen Systems at Sun n Fun 2015

April 7, 2015
Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will be showcasing the latest aviation oxygen system products and technologies during the Sun n Fun Show in Lakeland, FL April 21 – 26, 2015

Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will be showcasing the latest aviation oxygen system products and technologies during the Sun n Fun Show in Lakeland, FL April 21 – 26, 2015

Please visit Aerox and learn more about oxygen systems at Booth ­­­­­­A-098 in Hangar A.

Oxygen, essential for human life, is abundant at ground level but diminishes as flight levels increase, necessitating the requirement for supplemental oxygen in the upper flight regimes.

The Aerox PrO2 – 2,  PrO2-4  and PrO2-6 Personal Emergency Oxygen Systems provide take anywhere convenience and safety at a reasonable cost. The systems are designed to deliver oxygen based on a cabin pressure of 25,000 feet and will flow oxygen at a predetermined rate from 17 to 60 minutes depending on system configuration to allow descent to a safe altitude where you can breathe normally under the conditions. The larger systems can be designed for two users.

Simple to use when needed, just pull the mask and don. The motion of pulling the mask pulls a cable to activate the flow of oxygen. The systems come with aluminum DOT-3AL cylinders with no life limits and require a 5 year recertification.

If you can carry a soft drink can, you can carry the Aerox PrO2 Personal Safety System. 

Aerox offers a complete line of FAA Approved TSO-C103 continuous flow oxygen masks such as the 4110-711 and 4110-712 series and FAA TSO-C78A and TSO-C89A approved, quick donning, carbon-fiber diluter demand style oxygen masks (4110-725).

The Aerox Quick Donning Diluter Demand (4110-725) Series mask is designed to be used by crew and passengers in the aviation industry up to a cabin altitude of 40,000 feet MSL. These masks are designed as replacements for existing oxygen masks that are due for overhaul or no longer supported by the original manufacturers for older Jets and Turboprops. These masks are in stock and readily available from Aerox.

Diluter Demand masks from Aerox only flow oxygen when the user inhales (or demands it) and also allows outside air to be mixed with the flow of oxygen from the system.  Operated in this manner, Aerox Diluter Demand Masks can safely and effectively reduce the amount of oxygen used in flight, allowing for a longer duration supply of oxygen.  Donning in five seconds provides comfort and safety for pilots and passengers.

Aerox also offers other emergency system options as well as a full line of portable and built in oxygen systems.

As the originator of high-duration oxygen systems, Aerox continues to lead the industry in research and development of new products and innovative systems that deliver the performance, durability and comfort demanded by aviators around the world.

About Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc.

Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc. designs and builds innovative, high-duration oxygen systems made specifically for the aviation industry. Since 1981, pilots and passengers around the world have depended on Aerox O2 aviation masks, cannulas, cylinder tanks, portable oxygen and emergency oxygen systems to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.

For more information about any of our products or to learn more about our custom system design capabilities, please visit, call 1-800-237-6902 or email [email protected]