Introducing a Flexible and Content-focused Wireless Inflight Entertainment Solution: WISE™

April 9, 2014
WISE™, Wireless Inflight Services and Entertainment, is a wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) software platform that allows passengers to stream a variety of content on their personal electronic devices during their flight.

Aircraft Interiors Expo -- Hamburg, Germany – April 09, 2014 – DTI, the market leading inflight entertainment software division of Global Eagle Entertainment (Nasdaq: ENT), today announced the launch of its new wireless inflight entertainment content solution for airlines, WISE™, during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

WISE™, Wireless Inflight Services and Entertainment, is a wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) software platform that allows passengers to stream a variety of content on their personal electronic devices during their flight.

Designed to work with or without inflight connectivity, WISE™ is a hardware agnostic solution and has been selected by several renowned hardware partners as the backbone for their inflight wireless streaming offerings. Through these partners, WISE™ allows airlines to benefit from a complete content delivery chain ranging from software solutions to local and international content selection, distribution, technical services, delivery and support.

WISE™ also boasts the industry’s largest variety of content available for wireless IFE, supplying airlines with an extensive catalog of popular movies and TV shows approved for DRM streaming by major Hollywood studios, as well as games, digital publications, music, surveys and more. WISE™ also supports pay-per-access and pay-per-view providing airlines with attractive ancillary revenue opportunities even in a non-connected environment.

“We’ve approached the wireless IFE market from a software and content angle as those are our key areas of expertise,” explained Walé Adepoju, of Global Eagle Entertainment. “Wireless IFE is transforming the industry and passengers have high expectations from an inflight wireless entertainment offer. We therefore aim to simplify the process for airlines by allowing them the flexibility of choosing their hardware vendor while we manage a coherent bridge between in-seat and wireless IFE to deliver a content-rich wireless experience to passengers.”

DTI has been serving the IFE community for two decades and has an established reputation for industry-specific expertise, product leadership and dependability.

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About DTI

DTI is the world’s leading inflight entertainment (IFE) software and solutions provider, serving over 100 airlines around the world with an extensive catalogue of games, applications and content solutions compatible with seat back and wireless IFE systems. In addition to developing its own cutting-edge entertainment software, DTI has relationships with renowned gaming studios and publishing groups to distribute popular branded content to a majority of the world’s airlines. DTI has also developed a wireless inflight entertainment solution, WISE™ Wireless Inflight Services and Entertainment, which is the software backbone for a number of wireless IFE solutions currently available to airlines exploring the bring-your-own-device IFE market. For more information on DTI, please visit us at or contact us at [email protected].

DTI is a subsidiary of Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. 

About Global Eagle Entertainment

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. is the leading full service provider of content and connectivity to the worldwide airline industry. Through its combined content, distribution and technology platforms, Global Eagle provides airlines and the millions of travelers they serve with the industry’s most complete offering of in-flight video content, e-commerce and information services.  Global Eagle provides airline passengers with Internet access, live television, shopping, and travel-related information.  Global Eagle has the largest number of satellite-based inflight connectivity systems operating in the world today, with installations on over 540 aircraft.  In addition, Global Eagle provides film and television content, games and applications to more than 150 airlines worldwide.  Global Eagle is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and maintains offices and support personnel around the world. Find out more at