PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. by RTCA to Create Aviation Industry Performance Tracking and Analysis Dashboard

Jan. 7, 2016
The dashboard will deploy key processes aimed at modernizing the aviation system.

PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. has announced that RTCA has selected PASSUR to create the first industry dashboard for reporting on and analyzing air transportation system performance improvements resulting to the deployment of key NextGen capabilities. The dashboard capability will support the FAA-Industry Joint Analysis Team of the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC).

The NAC is a 32-member Federal advisory committee established in 2010 to provide advice on policy-level issues facing the aviation community in implementing NextGen (modernizing the aviation system), and includes a cross section of executives from the airlines, airports, general aviation, pilots, air traffic controllers, the Department of Defense, environmental interests, international interests and providers of air traffic control technology.

The NAC is working in close collaboration with the FAA to measure the benefits of the top four priority NextGen capabilities. The goal of the performance tracking and analysis dashboard is for RTCA to be a venue to establish a transparent mechanism to collect data, develop the reports in a dashboard, provide the ability to analyze the results, to determine the success of the recent NAS improvements and in cases where the benefits are not as expected, to discover and mitigate the underlying issues. The goal is for the FAA and industry to arrive at a common statement of performance.

PASSUR's capabilities used in the development of this dashboard include:

  • A unique database of flight, airspace, and airport performance data, largely powered by an independent surveillance network
  • A widely-deployed aviation intelligence solutions platform used by hundreds of industry stakeholders to measure and optimize NAS operations
  • Proven ability to manage, integrate, and derive meaningful information from multiple data sources
  • Over 10 years of experience in dashboards and data visualization
  • Expertise in airline and airport performance as well as in the NAS and NextGen. PASSUR's team includes leading experts from FAA air traffic control, traffic management, and system operations, plus those from airline and airport traffic management, dispatch, operational performance, finance, and environmental management.

"The RTCA members of the NAC are encouraged about the substantial level of collaboration between the FAA and industry and look forward to working with the talented PASSUR team to take that collaboration to the next level," said Margaret Jenny, President of RTCA.

"PASSUR appreciates the opportunity to work with the NAC and RTCA to contribute to the program's goal of making airspace performance, and ultimately the passenger travel experience, even better," said Jim Barry, President & CEO of PASSUR Aerospace. "PASSUR has years of experience as a trusted partner and platform for the industry. We thank the NAC and RTCA for putting their trust in PASSUR."

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