Satair opens new battery shop in Atlanta, GA

April 3, 2013
On April 5, 2013 Satair opens a new FAA certified battery shop specialized in testing and repair of batteries located adjacent to Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport

On April 5 Satair opens its FAA approved battery repair shop in Atlanta. The facility is designed to service nickel-cadmium and sealed lead-acid aircraft batteries of various models and sizes manufactured by Saft, Marathon, Concorde, Gill Teledyne and Hawker as well as a wide array of smaller aircraft battery packs. The new shop will also hold inventory of battery parts for service and be supported by Satair’s regional and global battery product portfolio.

The new Atlanta service facility supports commercial airlines, business jets, general aviation, rotor and military customers with a variety of service levels on an as-needed-basis as well as under a contractual agreement,” says Director of Customer Service & Supply Chain, Courtney Bennett. “We have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry on board: They all have more than 27 years in direct battery servicing experience. This means that our new facility can accommodate large volumes of service requirements as we are geared for a thorough and systematic servicing with attention to detail and competitive turnaround times,” Bennett promises.

With a Battery Sales & Solutions unit founded in the mid 50’s Satair is the world’s oldest and most experienced distributor of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries for aircraft and helicopters. Satair has since grown to represent a number of distinguished leading battery, charger and repair shop equipment manufacturers serving a worldwide market including commercial and regional airlines, cargo and corporate aircraft operators, MROs and international defense organizations.

Satair’s battery shop in Atlanta is equipped with a variety of the latest in battery servicing technology. This equipment includes the newest line of chargers like the XG series, which is programmable and able to exactly and consistently match most battery manufacturers’ service requirements. In addition the battery shop will utilize a number of Superseder XG for all large nickel-cadmium and sealed lead-acid aircraft batteries and the 24-400 XG for smaller nickel-cadmium and sealed lead-acid battery packs.

Satair’s new battery shop compliments the existing facility in Heathrow and is Satair’s first FAA approved shop in Atlanta. “We will in the coming months add a number of other shops to the certificate to support our suppliers’ and customer repair expectations,” states Managing Director of Satair USA, Rick Tonney.

Satair Offers:

• Large inventory of aviation batteries and cells

• 24/7 sales & service

• FAA/EASA approved service centers for over 30 years

• Experienced battery service technicians

• Charged and serviced batteries delivered and ready to install

• Factory authorized warranties

• Battery maintenance training

• Dependable after sales support

• Maintenance programs - logistic support and service

• Chargers/Analyzers & Test systems

• Water filling systems

• Ground power units

• Connectors and emergency packs

• Haz-mat containers