Mid-Canada Mod Center Completes Another North Star Air ATR 72 Flight Deck Upgrade

Jan. 11, 2022

Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) has completed a flight deck upgrade on another of Thunder Bay, Canada-based, North Star Air’s (NSA) ATR 72 aircraft. These essential modifications enable Canadian Northern Domestic Airspace operations while strengthening the carrier’s market position and customer satisfaction.

“Airlines like North Star Air operate in extremely challenging conditions and must meet additional requirements to fly in Canada’s remote, northern and polar regions,” said Bill Arsenault, president of Mid-Canada Mod Center. “With ADS, our engineering and design partner, we have developed unique skills and expertise to solve avionics problems permitting these airlines to fly these routes. We are pleased to contribute to North Star Air’s continued growth and expansion through vital flight deck upgrades to this newly reconfigured cargo ATR 72.”

With Universal Avionics’ UNS-1Lw Flight Management Systems (FMS) installed, North Star Air gains RNAV Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approach capability, permitting landings at challenging airports. RNAV LPV Level of Service (LOS) approach procedure development in Canada continues to grow, driven by individual operators' recognizance of competitive advantage through investment in technology. True north-based course procedures and gravel runways are included in the database. The new FMSs have the ability to do cold temperature altitude correction (TEMP COMP) for all segments of an approach – transition, intermediate, final, and missed. MC2’s Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) fits Multifunction Control Display Units that maintain access to the ATR Centralized Maintenance System.

Dual Sagem F227 APIRS Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and a Latitude S200 SkyNode Installation were also fitted to MC2 STCs. These high-reliability AHRS systems, coupled with a lower heading drift characteristic, provide a path for operators to obtain approval for flight into Northern Domestic Airspace. SkyNode provides satellite voice and tracking information through the Latitude data network.

“With our current phase of rapid growth and expansion and building our cargo fleet, we are actively working to increase our operational efficiency,” said Sean Fillion, Director of Maintenance at North Star Air. “These latest upgrades to our ATR 72 are an important part of this effort, and we are pleased with the solution Mid-Canada Mod Center recommended and delivered. We trust MC2’s avionics knowledge, expertise and service excellence.”