Pro Star Aviation Partners with ALTO Aviation

Nov. 1, 2021

Pro Star Aviation, an innovative aerospace modification center, announced that in partnership with ALTO Aviation, it has designed, installed, and delivered a Cadence Cabin Management System (CMS) on a GIVSP for an obsolete Pacific Systems / Collins Aerospace architecture.

The new system included a complete In-flight Entertainment (IFE) backbone with supported HD switching and fit compatible switch panels to replace the existing systems that were no longer supported. New VIP panels, galley master panels, and reconfigured seat switch panels were installed. In addition, headphone audio was removed from the system as it is now being streamed by Bluetooth.

This unique phased system approach provided a lower price point with less downtime for the aircraft owner when compared to the cost and time it takes to install a complete CMS. This phase retained the existing cabin environmental controls that were functionally stand-alone, including forward and aft lavatory switch panels, vestibule panel, flush, crew refreshment, personal reading, and credenza lighting; this allowed a blend of existing functionality and new ALTO controllers where needed.

“The professional team at Pro Star Aviation provided a top-notch seamless installation of all ALTO components paying close attention to all details. This is the second time we have partnered with Pro Star for a successful Cadence CMS installation on a GIV aircraft. We look forward to teaming up on many more projects in the near future,” stated Steve Lord, ALTO Aviation Senior Technical Sales Manager.

Jeff Shaw, Director of Business Development shared, “Obsolescence in older aircraft is becoming a problem. ALTO’s CMS solution offered this GIVSP customer form, fit, and function, saving significant time and money by not having to modify the interior which can be costly. ALTO’s seamless integration and high-quality design provided our customer with a superior solution.”