6th CAMS Continuing Airworthiness Management Live Summit

Jan. 3, 2024
The event will offer the opportunity to discuss Continuing Airworthiness Management, which is widely used with more operators looking towards outsourcing management of aircraft.

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The event will offer the opportunity to discuss Continuing Airworthiness Management, used with more operators looking towards outsourcing as a cost-efficient option of management of aircraft.

This event will review regulatory authorities and approvals, selecting a CAMO provider, regulation structures, contracts and legalities, CAMO airworthiness regulations for lessors, lessees, MROs, and how to obtain a CAMO approval.

Key Highlights:

  • In-Depth Review of Regulatory Authorities: Explore the dynamic landscape of regulatory authorities and approvals, understanding the evolving standards that shape CAMO practices.
  • Selecting a CAMO Provider: Navigate the nuanced process of selecting a CAMO provider, crucial for ensuring seamless operations.
  • Understanding Regulatory Structures: Delve into intricate regulatory structures, gaining clarity on the complexities that impact CAMO operations and compliance.
  • Contractual and Legal Considerations: Uncover the contractual and legal complexities inherent in CAMO, providing a comprehensive view of the legal landscape governing aircraft airworthiness.
  • Tailored CAMO Airworthiness Regulations: Gain insights into CAMO airworthiness regulations specifically tailored for lessors, lessees, and MRO organizations.
  • CAMO Approval Processes: Explore the meticulous steps involved in obtaining CAMO approval, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Event Speakers

  • James Carroll, Director of Business Development, JSSI
  • Jack Clancy, Head of Sales & Marketing, Integrated Aviation Systems
  • Ian Dearing, Chief Surveyor/Engineer - Airworthiness, 2-REG
  • Kostas Drizis, CAMO Postholder, Meton CAMO
  • Matija Krajnc, Managing Director, Amelia International
  • Capt. Pascal Kremer, Airline Safety Manager, Luxair
  • Martin Lidgard, CEO and Founder, Web Manuals International
  • Sylvain Martinet, Partner, Aircraft VIP Services
  • Daniel Olufisan, Training Director & Principal Airworthiness Consultant, Wing Engineering
  • Paulo Pestana, CAMO Regulatory Manager, NetJets
  • Sebastian Pruckmair, Founder & CEO, AEROMOND Services

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