Orolia to Launch Its First Virtual Tradeshow to Exhibit World Leading Aircraft Solutions

June 11, 2020

Orolia is pleased to invite the media and the public to our Virtual Orolia Air Show, an online platform to connect with the global aviation industry from the 23-26 June.

As the aviation industry is deeply impacted in daily operations and trade shows are on hold, Orolia is highlighting the importance of aviation technologies with this global event. Attendees can catch up on the latest industry updates and compliance requirements in a series of one-hour sessions. Sign up for free and join as many sessions as you like.

Session topics include the Next Generation Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) for commercial airlines, Combat Search & Rescue Beacons to support critical military missions, Advanced GNSS Anti-jamming and Spoofing Solutions for commercial and military critical infrastructure, as well as Timing and Synchronization Embedded Systems.

Orolia Commercial & Military Aircraft Solutions Exhibit:

What:            Orolia Air Show

When:            23-26 June, 2020

Where:           Virtual Booth  (Online Event)- REGISTER HERE

Available on Orolia’s Virtual Booth:

Next Generation Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)

  • Ultima-S - A new generation of Survival Emergency Locator Transmitter. Portable device to be installed in the aircraft cabin or in life rafts. Compliant with the latest standard of lithium battery regulations.
  • Ultima-DT - A fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter – Distress Tracking type. Meets ICAO GADSS ADT requirements. Adaptable to any commercial aircraft.

Combat Search & Rescue Beacons

  • Orolia’s SARBE Evo Line - Rugged and reliable Search and Rescue beacons to support complex military missions and locate warfighters in distress.
  • SecureFind - Orolia’s comprehensive handheld solution to deliver precise, secure battlespace communications, situational awareness and decision support for a wide range of mission-critical applications.

Advanced GNSS Anti-jamming and Spoofing Solutions

  • GSG-8 – The latest Advanced GNSS Simulator that delivers the highest standard of GNSS signal testing and sensor simulation performance in an easy to use, upgradable and scalable platform.
  • GSG-5/6 Series – Essential GNSS Simulators: easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any GNSS testing requirements. 

Timing and Synchronization Embedded Systems

  • SecureSync - The first DISA approved Time and Synchronization Device for PNT cybersecurity and military network interoperability.
  •  VersaSync – Rugged and compact, all-in-one Resilient Timing and Frequency Solution for mobile applications, including the latest network-centric applications.

Register now for unique 4-days event by clicking here to receive your Boarding Pass and get in touch with our aviation team experts.

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