AsBAA the Super Connector Linking Greater China and Southeast Asia

June 8, 2016
On Monday 13 June, 2016, AsBAA will host a half-day event for students to learn more about Corporate Aviation – Your Career of Choice, hosted at Embry Riddle, Aeronautical University, Singapore.

AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation will be in Singapore from 12-20 June to host a series of #AsBAAintheCommunity activities and events. These include the launch of its first Singapore Student Chapter event in association with Embry Riddle, a Regional Chapter AsBAA meeting hosted at AON’s Asia Pacific regional HQ and an evening welcome networking cocktail event held at McGettigan’s Irish Bar, Clarke Quay ahead of the CJI- Corporate Jet Investor two day conference hosted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

On Monday 13 June, 2016, AsBAA will host a half-day event for students to learn more about Corporate Aviation – Your Career of Choice, hosted at Embry Riddle, Aeronautical University, Singapore. The event will seek to introduce students to some of the possible career paths in business and general aviation. AsBAA Chairman, Charlie Mularski said, “AsBAA represents the vast majority of stakeholders across Pan-Asia. We co-host together with the US equivalent association NBAA the annual largest trade show in ABACE Shanghai, China. An important element of this show is the student chapter events on the last trade day; this year was bigger than ever.  We were honoured to host many dignitaries including, Dr. Fang Liu, secretary general of ICAO, the CAAC party secretary and Eastern Regional Headquarters Deputy Director General, Jiang Chunshui and Shanghai Airport Authority’s chairman Li Derun and more than 200 students from the aviation faculties of five leading mainland China and Hong Kong universities. Following the success of the Student Chapter initiative in mainland China and Hong Kong, and the positive feedback from the corporate aviation community, we now plan to expand this project into South East Asia, where we are actively working with local authorities, chambers of commerce, universities and our own members with the goal to provide internships, work placements and mentorship programs across the region.”

In addition to the Student Chapter, on Monday 13th June, AsBAA will host a strategic AsBAA Regional Meeting at the offices of one of its supportive members, AON, Singapore. The meeting will be chaired by Charlie Mularski with stakeholders from across the industry spectrum from educational institutions through to OEMs, operators, financiers and regulators. The meeting will seek to address and tackle local issues and also engage in serious discussions and reach crucial decisions on shaping the association’s future direction. Board of Governor, Mike Walsh said, “AsBAA has made tremendous strides in the past two years and now has enough work for ten full-time staff, but currently operates with only two full-time employees and the rest as volunteers. We’d like to thank AON, Embry Riddle, for ahead of this week’s activities which is an exciting new dimension of our offerings as an association and seek continued support from our members as we look forward to explore the longer-term solutions within the wider industry together and reach a consensus.”

The #AsBAAintheCommunity evening event on Monday 13th kicks off the CJI Asia conference, which follows on 14-15 June at the Ritz Carlton. Mularski said, “CJI Asia in Association with AsBAA has quickly become an annual date hot-wired into BizAv Asian leaders psyche and our outlook calendars here in Singapore. This is also an opportunity for our members to engage, discuss and listen to the latest opinions and ideas from industry visionaries. We’re also here to take positive criticism, address challenges together, and adapt with the current climate and sentiment.”

AsBAA Vice Chairman, David Best said, “The main objectives of AsBAA this year have been to grow the group and tackle strategic issues at government policy level. We do this through active lobbying and work with institutions such as IBAC/ICAO. In parallel, we’re working to expand the Regional and Countrywide AsBAA Chapters to tackle local operational issues by bringing people closer together. AsBAA has tremendous value for overseas companies and individuals wanting to enter the Asian and China market, as well as for our members based here to be kept connected and up to date on all events, solutions, wins and battles that we face on behalf of the industry”.

AsBAA Chairman concluded by saying, “Our charity of choice, Orbis joins us in Singapore this week to promote its great work and tell us about their new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital which launched just last week and is coming to Asia in September and across the region ahead of our Icons of Aviation Awards & Charity Gala event on the 6 November 2016 in Hong Kong. Together we will focus on our vision for the future – forgive the pun! We are truly looking forward to a rewarding and engaging week ahead with our SE Asia colleagues. It’s good to talk; seeing is believing- so they say”.

For further information about AsBAA, its achievements and activities connect with AsBAA onYouTube, LinkedIN and Twitter. Media Contact, Sarah Keates can be reached to learn more about AsBAA for interviews with its leaders.