Piper Introduces 3 Display Garmin G1000 in Seneca V Models

Feb. 26, 2013
The G1000 can now display worldwide weather that informs pilots of METARs, TAFs and winds aloft around the globe, with an optional GSR 56 transceiver.

Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, Feb. 26, 2013 - Piper Aircraft Inc. is one of the first manufacturers to adopt the most recent G1000 software supporting a three display avionics suite as standard equipment in new Twin-Class Piper Seneca V aircraft models available in 2013. The announcement was made here today at Airshow 2013, the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition held Feb. 24-26.

Garmin's G1000 is a seamlessly integrated all-glass avionics suite that makes flight information easier to scan and process. The G1000's design brings new levels of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit. Piper Director of Marketing and Communications Jackie Carlon said, "The Garmin G1000 avionics suite is now on all of our M-Class and Twin-Class aircraft. The G1000 with three-displays standard in the Seneca V now gives pilots abundant flight-critical data that provides exceptional situational awareness and that will contribute to safer flying."

The latest Garmin G1000 software on the Seneca V includes the following: Baro - VNAV approach (used for LNAV/VNAV vertical guidance whenever SBAS is not available or not approved), Vertical Profile View, User-defined holding patterns (provides the ability for the pilot to manually specify holding patterns, and the GSR 56 - Iridium Transceiver.

Worldwide Connectivity

The G1000 can now display worldwide weather that informs pilots of METARs, TAFs and winds aloft around the globe, with an optional GSR 56 transceiver. Radar and satellite imagery are also available through this service for the United States, Southern Canada, Western Europe and Australia. In addition, the G1000 can support voice and data services that let the pilot make worldwide phone calls, send text messages and send email via SMS from the airplane's cockpit using the GTN as the dialing and messaging interface. The G1000 flight deck presents flight instrumentation, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic and engine data on large-format, high-resolution displays. It replaces the dual Garmin G600 suite currently on Seneca V's. Garmin's reliable GRS77 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) provides accurate, digital output and referencing of aircraft position, rate, vector and acceleration data.

About the Piper Seneca V
Standard equipped list price for the Piper Seneca V with three display Garmin G1000 avionics suite is $972,400. The airplane is powered by two Continental Turbocharged TSIO-360-RB engines generating 220 hp each. The configuration of multiple entry and baggage doors with the comfort of a cabin-class interior makes the Piper Seneca V the perfect business tool.

The three display G1000-equipped Seneca V includes Dual 10" PFDs, Single 10" MFD, Dual GIA63W NAV/COM/GPS, S-TEC 55X Autopilot with Altitude Preselect, Attitude and Heading Reference System, Air Data Computer (ADC), Dual IFR Enroute/Approach and WAAS Certified GPS, Electronic Engine Indication System (EIS), Garmin FliteCharts, SafeTaxi, GMA1347 Audio Panel, GTX 33 Mode S Transponder, Traffic Information Systems (TIS), and Aspen Standby System (EFD-100).

About Piper Aircraft
Piper Aircraft Inc. is headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla. The company offers aviators throughout the world efficient and reliable single-engine and twin-engine aircraft. The single-engine M-Class series - the Meridian, Mirage and Matrix - offer businesses and individuals elegant performance and value. The Twin Class Seneca V and Seminole balance proven performance, efficiency and simplicity in twin-engine aircraft. The Trainer Class Archer TX, Arrow, Seminole and Seneca V aircraft form the most complete technically-advanced line of pilot training aircraft in the world. All Piper airplanes feature advanced Garmin avionics in the cockpit. Piper is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.